Monday, September 13, 2010

Strike Working and Red Flags

After I left for the grocery store Son asked hubby why I didn't ask anyone what they wanted. Hubby explained that they were old enough to let me know and that I was tired of going down the list each week.

Yesterday morning oldest asked when we were going dress shopping. I replied I hadn't planned on it because no one had asked me to take them. I was asked. Later I found out this was not prompted by hubby. Wow! Maybe the grocery store snub did it. Boyfriend wanted to go with us. As youngest said, "Awkward."

So, the three of us head out to the store. I drive. Boyfriend seems to think I was going to let him drive. So, we get to the store and look at the dresses. They have maybe ten different ones. Oldest starts looking and getting really picky. I state that they may look totally different on than they do on the rack. So, I pulled one of each dress in her size and we headed to the dressing room. She goes in a room and I stand outside the door in the dressing room. Boyfriend we think is waiting outside the dressing room. I'm not sure oldest plans to show him each dress or what (I suspect that is what he wants). She doesn't. The dress she thought she would like wasn't it. She did find one that looked awesome. She was so excited. We go out of the dressing room to show boyfriend and he's not there.

We look around, check the men's department and then we call him. He's outside waiting on a bench. We pay and leave. I hear him behind me say to her, "you didn't seem to need my help." in the snottiest of tones. We get back to the house and he gets out of the car and into his and takes off. Oldest has a bewildered look on her face.

Is he mad you didn't let him pick the dress? I think so.

I thought maybe he wanted to go so he could match his outfit (not really)? So did I.

If he's mad it's his problem and not yours. yeah

She then went for a walk to calm down. Lil bastard ruined her excited I got a new dress I look awesome in moment.

He calls ten minutes later. Is she home? No, she went for a walk. I knew he would go find her and give her some lame excuse. He did.

This morning (because I didn't want to get into it with him at dinner) I asked what his excuse for acting so badly was. He wanted some say in the dress choice.

I quietly explained that this along with past behavior sends up some red flags. First guys for the most part don't go dress shopping. Second it starts small. First they pick out your clothes, then its your friends, your classes. Next thing you know he is calling all the shots and your self esteem is in the toilet. Please keep this in the back of your mind. (I'll keep it in the front.)


Sapphyre said...

RIGHT ON!!! Totally agree!!!! Um....LIVING IT!

Kathy said...

Wow, that's scary.