Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hubby approached me this morning. Oldest is taking child development at school. Her assignment this week end is to find out what her parents believe are two challanges to raising children and two rewards. I'd love to know what others think.

I said I'd have to take a minute to articulate my thoughts.

The biggest reward is watching them grow into themselves. I believe my role as a parent is to as Annie puts it "put myself out of a job." My parents taught me that a parents job is to raise productive independent individuals who can thrive alone in society (not in so many words). They made it clear they did not want to be hands on parents for the rest of their lives. They had lives separate from ours and embraced an empty nest. I agree.

The other reward (or the thing that keeps me from killing them) are the little things. The sweet smile, the rare appreciation, a hug, a flower picked from the yard......

Challenges - doing what is best for your child and not necessarily what they would like. This comes easier for me than hubby. I figure if the kids are always happy with me I must not be parenting. Finding what works for each child is another challenge. How do you reward and discipline each child?

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Martha said...

I love the "putting yourself out of a job", perfect!! I agree with all the challenges and rewards you mentioned.
Every child is different when it comes to rewards/discipline. Like you and hubby, we have high expectations of the kids and that's half the battle right there! Also, I tell them right away the consequences of their actions and ask, How Should they be dealt with??
Parenting is Not For Sissies!!!
Wish you all a great school year!

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