Friday, September 17, 2010

My Son, my son, my son

So, not even a month into school and we get a phone call. Never one of those cheery phone calls. Son has a three day internal suspension. It should be a three day external suspension but the other parent didn't want your son to miss school. Thanks Mrs. C.

Seems son (who claims he didn't know at 15 y/o to keep his hand to himself) tapped C on the shoulder. Probably pushed his shoulder really hard as he is unaware of his own strength. C turned around and tried to hit him with his binder. Son grabbed his hand so hard he broke C's finger.

Then he tries to tell us it was self defense. C was hitting him with his notebook. HELLO, you started it! He was defending himself against you.

Son was at girlfriend's when we got the call. Hubby picked him up immediately. He didn't punish him in the car. He wanted to calm down and think about the options. The lil' b says, "why did you bother picking me up if this is all you are going to do." And you wonder why some species eat their young.

So, as son just takes whatever we through at him like its nothing we decided on the following:
1) a letter of apology to C and his parents along with a thank you for keeping him in school
2) three days with no electronics including the phone to call girlfriend (he's read a lot)
3) 18 hours of community service ( we have a phone call out to the fire chief of the rival station)

And the rewards for having children are?

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