Saturday, December 27, 2008


Today we go to my brother's house to celebrate the holiday. Christmas day at his house is chaotic to say the least (and not much fun). I avoid the place now. It is much more enjoyable to visit after the holiday.
It's funny - I called him on Christmas morning and he was complaining about my parents. They are at his house all the time and drive him nuts. He has the true grandbabies in my mom's eyes. Mine were just obtained by marriage. Plus my youngest is 10 and my brother's kids are 4 and 20 months. Plus, my brother is the son. I may be the oldest but, I am a daughter. Life did not begin in my parent's eyes until the son was born. But, that is another story. I will say despite all of that I like my parents and only wish they would visit more often (loving them goes without saying and I beleive you can love someone and not like them at all). But, back to the funny thing. Funny in an odd sort not funny in a LOL sort of way. I loved Christmases growing up. We were the only kids in the family so everyone came to us. Grandparents and uncles came and spent the night. We woke to a house full of family to watch us open presents. It was wonderful. As we got older and grandparents passed to the next life the tradition stopped. By then we knew Santa was a spirit and not a jolly man in a red suit. I don't remember any aweful Christmases. Not until I was out on my own and my parents had to deal with my brother and I have significant others and dividing time. My brother said he's trying to get my parents to go South after Thanksgiving so that his kids can have a good Christmas without my Dad. That since he was 11 Dad has made Christmas something aweful. Huh? This coming from the man who has made it so I avoid his house like the plague on holidays.
And today will be a short visit. My sister-in-law has to work tonight at 5. We can come around 11 and we'll be gone so she can have time to relax before work. OK Now, you know why I spend my holidays with my husbands family. I feel much more welcome.


Martha said...

Great post and I really relate to you can love someone but Not LIKE Them at all. That describes my relationship with my mom.
Good for you for spending time with your husband's family who make you feel welcome.

Kathy said...

It still amazes me that children can grow up in the same house with the same parents and have such different views of childhood. I often think my brother, sister, & I must have lived different lives, but really, it is age & personality. What sticks, what doesn't.
I agree that you can love someone and not like them. That's life. I'm glad you have chosen to spend Christmas in a welcoming place.