Monday, December 15, 2008


I went to women's temple in the morning. I was the only one to show up so Nora and I held circle. That place grounds me so well.

Youngest did her rough draft while I was gone. I went through it with her and all she needs to do is copy it over before the 22nd. I had her prep supper and then the girls and I were off. Boyfriend didn't come over - she din't ask. They just spent hours on the phone. I took them to Vernon to hear the choirs. They had the adult and youth choirs as well as the handbell choir. It was really good. The girls want to go back in February to hear the Hartford Chorale.

We got home and youngest finished up the thai chicken, shrimp coconut soup. It was pretty easy to prepare. Oldest and son picked out their next dinner menus. Son will make chicken corn chowder - he's my soup man - and oldest is making chicken something out of the chinese cookbook.

Today hubby and I have the day off together. I've got laundry started (again) and he's on the way to the dump. At 11 we see the lawyer about updating our wills. Then I have Girl Scouts this afternoon. I would really not be upsett if she decided this is her last year. Oh, did I say that? We are going to the dude ranch in the spring. I went with oldest a few years back. It's a fun trip for the girls. She went in 6th grade which is what I recommend. Youngest is in 5th. There is a HUGE difference between 5th and 6th. My girlfriend went with 5th graders - it is a baysitting trip. Read this next sentance with a whine in your voice. But, the leaders daughter wants to go this year and she's sold enough cookies to pay for it this year. So, we go this year. Now, I'm whining. We don't have the circle to sell in like leader's daughter does. I can't sell 200 boxes at work or to family and then mail them around the country. So, youngest does not have as much money banked for her trip. Oh, and I have to pay for me as well. Did I mention I've spent more years as a leader than I did as a Girl Scout. I didn't think it was fun as a kid. I always wanted to join the boy scouts. My brother did such cool stuff - hiking, biking and camping. We make crafts.

Wow, what a tanjent. Sunday was a great day and girl scouts is only 90 minutes out of my day. It will be interesting to see if bio picks up youngest. Last year she picked her up after girl scouts if it fell on her day. This will be the first time this year. But, she hasn't picked youngest up yet this year from any after school activity. She might not have known it was an option until soccer season this year.

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annie kelleher said...

you know about my history with the girl scouts ;). what do you think about the heretic's daughter? i really liked it... i will be interested to hear your thoughts! :)