Monday, December 22, 2008

90 minute delay

The kids had a 90 minute delay to finish clearing the roads. Yahoo! That meant I could go in to work early. This is always a good thing because then I can leave early. I had to leave really early today to go to a dentist appointment. I had what I could only describe as a hole in my tooth next to the gum line. With fear of all sorts of problems I found out that it was just an old filling that had popped out and I was fixed in no time.

I brought a plate of cookies, a plate of fudge and banana bread to work. My co-workers put a pretty good dent in the goodies by the time I left. I dropped a bucket of assorted goodies for our paid driver at the fire house. I have two more buckets to deliver if I can coordinate a meeting time. Son's excited about dessert because I have magic cookie bars for the family. Hubby said those could not leave the house.

I picked youngest up from tutoring and let hubby sleep. She has no homework as they only have a half day tomorrow and then they are done until January. So, she suited up and headed out into the snow. She had to remake her sledding track as the winded drifted snow into the old path.

I have a chicken and rice dish in the oven that is taking forever to cook. I hope it is done before oldest has to go to fire drill.

I've been reading and writing about hot chocolate - I'm going to have to make a batch tonight to go with dessert. or is that dessert?


Martha said...

Hot Cocoa is wonderful, it can be dessert, a main course, a drink, warming fluid, very versatile.
You so capture the joy of the holidays.

Kathy said...

I think hot cocoa is breakfast.

annie kelleher said...

hot chocolate is one of the Foods of the Gods. or, as one of my favorite spirituals puts it... there is a balm in gilead! :)