Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas wish list

Anyone who knows me or my parents knows you must put your wish list in early. OK, when I was a kid 4th of July was not to early. Start of school is more my speed. I was done shopping by Thanksgiving and wrapped this week other than a few minor things. Part of it is my genetic make up and the other part (the big part) is that I do not want to be in the throngs of stressed out people at the retail stores in December. If I do go shopping this month it is with the knowledge that I don't really have to be there. That mind set makes all the difference.

That being said, enter Seth our oldest son. Seth who is twenty chronologically and about eight otherwise. He lives with bio. And as much as I love him and want what is best for him he frustrates me. He slipped through the cracks of the no child left behind. I got him too late, bio had him too long. He really should be in a group home setting but his disabilities does not qualify him for any aid. He's a nice kid, polite, would give you the shirt off his back and run any errand you set him on without question. But, he eats, sleeps, plays video games and thinks that a job will find him. He would be a perfectly happy homeless person as long as he received an occasional meal and had a place to sleep. He would miss his video games.

Last night when Hubby picked up the kids from bio Seth met him at the door. First time he has talked to my dear hubby in two months. Seth never called on his birthday or Thanksgiving. He never responded to our Thanksgiving invitation. Any way he says to hubby, "Do you know what size jeans I wear?" Why? "I'm making my Christmas list." He hands hubby a scrap of paper with one thing on it. It is a book(s) that he wants. He's hooked on the Japanese comic books and will read the series over and over and over. (I can't quite understand - I rarely reread books).
He must have realized its December, Christmas is coming and bio can't afford books (or rent, or utilities or......).

As hubby tells me this I inform him of Seth's pant size. Hubby thinks that they might be big as he's lost weight. Little food in the pantry will do that to you. Too late I said that's what he has under the tree along with a shirt and a 5x7 picture of the six of us. We had new family photos taken in October.

OK, I've been miffed at Seth's treatment of his father since he got back from Arizona in May. He didn't tell us he was back; we had to find out by running into him. But, he's treated hubby like crap since I've known him now that I think of it. As Seth can barely think for himself bio speaks through him. It is really creepy. Seth only says hi to Hubby when he needs something. I don't plan on delivering his presents. Call me petty. Give me a good reason why I should. I will listen to more objective voices. The kids all know he has presents under the tree. I'm sure the message will be conveyed. They can sit there and rot for all I care.

OK, the venom is spilled onto the page and I can let go and have a pleasant day.


annie kelleher said...

poor kid. poor hubby. poor kim. sigh... i look forward to seeing you tonight!!! thanks for playing tag! :)

Walk in the Woods said...

You need not deliver the gifts requested ... only the gifts of true value ... love.

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