Sunday, December 28, 2008

Book Reviews

I'm still trying to tweak my book shelf to show the books I'm reading as well as the books I've read. I'll figure it out eventually. I finished Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama last night. I liked his writing style. He divided the book into three sections, origins, Chicago and Kenya. The Chicago section was a little slow. I'm not sure if it's because I couldn't relate at all or - enough already. It picked up pace and readability again in the Kenya years. It really shows how knowing where you came from influences where you are going.
I started a The Heretic's Daughter a while ago. It hasn't hooked me enough to keep the book on the top of the pile. I think because I'm anticipating that the conflict in the book is going to annoy me.
I was given a pile of books by a friend to read at our last Pagan discussion group. I started Eat, Pray, Love last night. It had mixed reviews but, reviews mean little to me. She's divided the book into three sections of 36 stories(beads) each. Snippets work for me as I tend to read more than one book at a time. I've read the intro and the first "bead" so far and enjoy it enough to keep reading.
I was also gifted with a signed copy of Matthew Wood's new herbal. I'm savoring this like a fine wine.


annie kelleher said...

i shall be interested to hear what you think of heretic's daughter as i really liked it... and what you think of eat pray love as i was REALLY disappointed in that!

Kathy said...

I read the Heretic's Daughter. I have the same problem with annoying conflict. I have trouble reading books about things like the Salem witch trials, or slavery, or the Holocaust. I feel the need to refight the battles, to change history. I look at it from my historical and emotional perspective and get really frustrated.
Having said that, I liked the Heretic's Daughter once I got into it. I look forward to hearing what you think, if you get through it.

Martha said...

Thanks for the book review, and I appreciate the multi tasking reading style. What a treat re.Matthew Wood. I am a big fan of Dr.Richard Schulze and Dr.Bach also.

Dina said...

I also really liked heretics daughter!! Ok so I am very glad you came over to my page through annie. And wow do we have two wonderful teachers in common. Susun Weed and Rosita. Not too many people know her. Have you taken the Maya massage course?