Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed in

Baking is complete. The fudge is out of the fridge softening so I can cut it into cubes. I have my trays and containers ready to fill. My taste testers approve of everything. Yes, they are home early. Yeah!

Bio picked the kids up at noon Friday in anticipation of the storm. Today with the snow coming in a steady stream I was not letting her drive them anywhere and I was not waiting until 7:30 to pick them up in the midst of more snow. Hubby called and picked them up at 10. He had to drop oldest friend off on the way and son brought his friend home as he lives in walking distance. This means bio picked up 5 kids in a 4 passenger car on Friday - but that is another story.

Youngest is out playing in the snow. She will come in when we drag her in or she gets really hungry. She out shaking down the trees so the weight does not break their branches.

The snow has canceled winter solstice gatherings and the gator parade. I will shower and throw on my sweats and read the afternoon away (or needle point, or both). While the banana bread baked this morning I switched laundry over, vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom. Nothing like a clean house to make you feel good.

My FD Christmas party was last night. Ah, I felt a little old or should I say mature. There is a big age gap in members. The young men were to cheap to bring their girlfriends and so formed a big drinking circle. They stacked beer bottles and glasses on top of the center pieces until they were in danger of toppling over. They danced with each other and didn't balk at us recording their stupid antics on film. The worst were the few that thought open bar means gorging on booze to excess. The captain of one of the engine companies was shut off and then spent time in the bathroom making friends with the porcelain. His wife was supposed to take him out the side door which was close to the bathroom. Instead she brought him through the main area (must not have wanted to walk in the snow) and he emptied his stomach in the lobby. Moments like this I'm so proud to be a member of the department.

Aside from that my handsome hubby danced every slow dance with me - and there was a lot of them. He even suggested we break the ice and start the dancing. My group in the fire department didn't get drunk and had a great time dancing and laughing.

And youngest just made me a liar coming in because she's cold. I think I'll go make her some hot cocoa.

Blessed Yule everyone!!


annie kelleher said...

blessed yule! sounds like such a lovely way to spent this perfectly wintry afternoon. im trying to tear myself away from this story long enough to a- finish my blog post and b- start my baking!!! im up to 32,650 words!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Hot cocoa - how perfect!!!

Yuletide blessings to you all. Enjoy!

Kathy said...

Your place sounds like a wonderful place to be.

Martha said...

Blessed Yule and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years to you and yours, Kim. Thanks for the visit to my blog.