Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back to Work

You can tell I'm back to work by my absence from blog land. I'm off today but going in any way. My boss was on vacation the same week as me and she needs help catching up. I'm pretty caught up already though I have work to do and that feels really good. Plus, I could use an extra days pay.
Kids were at bio's this past week end so I've had a night vistor three days this week. Nightmares. This week end we have the kids and hubby is not working. Saturday is oldest's fire department holiday party - bowling and out to eat. I'll be there as advisor/treasurer. I love to bowl so this should be fun.
Sunday I thought I'd take the girls to Vernon. The church I attended when I lived there does a music series. They have a handbell choir as well as other choirs playing this week end. If I beleived the theology this is the church I would still be going to. I just love the people and the atmosphere. I still keep in touch though I moved twelve years ago.
Jacob Marley - I knew John didn't sound right.
Sammy, our wonderful, old black lab decided that dinner was not enough. She pulled her bag of food out of the closet and chowed down during the night leaving a big hole in the side of the bag.
Oh, and I woke up to find hubby had washed the dishes. I just love him!!!!


annie kelleher said...

yeah hubby!!!! i hope you have a good transition back to the salt mines.. what would your boss do without you??!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Ohhhh ... Sammy ...

Maybe Sammy needs to watch this: Fed Up

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