Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Bio did not pick up youngest. She has realized she has an option and she chooses not to see her. Youngest didn't even ask for her. She received the forms to take cookie orders at girl scouts. She's not allowed to start selling them until Monday. They have a new carmel cookie that goes great with coffee. I have to finish the boxes still in the freezer before we buy any more.

After Girl Scouts I go to the fire house for a meeting. The chiefs are meeting with each company individually. I used to date one of the deputy chiefs a life time (OK a decade ago). He mentioned that twice in one day he saw me and I did not bring cookies. I'm known at the fire house for baking cookies. Several more comments were made through out the half hour meeting by him and others that I should bake cookies. They have a meeting Wednesday for the area chiefs association. HINT, hint, hint. And so, last night I baked a batch of peanutbutter cookies to bring to the meeting tonight ( a certain deputy's favorite). OK, I'm a big softy and a sucker for those big puppy dog eyes.

Seth, is coming for Christmas. He has made a point to ask hubby about our plans. He will be dropped off with the rest of the kids Christmas morning. Funny, the last time he made a point to talk to us or see us was his birthday. Me thinks he's after presents.

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Walk in the Woods said...

This is the 2nd time I'm reading about peanut butter cookies!

I'm doing grocery shopping tomorrow and peanut butter IS on the list.

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