Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

Christmas day I slept in - I didn't get up until 5:50 AM. For me that's sleeping in. Hubby was still at work. By the time he arrived I had the apple pie in the oven, the creamed onions done, soup started,laundry started, the presents under the tree and I was getting ready to vacuume. He showed up with DD coffee in hand (decaf of course). The kids weren't home yet so I was able to get my present early....
Hubby napped until the kids arrived home at 10.
Everyone was thrilled with their presents. Santa was a hero for more than a couple of minutes. Pictures taken, presents put away, showers taken and new clothes put on and we were headed to North to mother and father-in-love's. Sister-in-love and her whole family were there. We all chipped in to get dinner on the table and had a wonderful feast. Let's see there was:
prime rib
mashed potatoes and gravy (potatoes from their garden)
butternut squash (from their garden)
brussels sprouts with cream (she called to get my recipe and had me cook them when I got there)
creamed onions
celery stuffed with cream cheese
stuffed mushrooms

and for dessert - apple, pumkin, blueberry and lemon merange pie

The cousins tried on grandma's Santa suit and I have pictures of a lot of very skinny santas.

After a nice relaxing visit we headed home. We were all stuffed and skipped the soup I had put on in the morning. My girlfriend had given me the Christmas Eve ham bone and I made ham and bean soup with carrots, celery, diced tomatoes and parsnips. I can't wait to eat. Seth did have soup before we took him home so his mom wouldn't have to feed him.

Bio picked the kids up Christmas Eve at 3:30 took the back to her place and went back to bed because she had to work that night. Seth made sure youngest was tucked in early. Santa brought the kids two games. And explained that she was making them shirts. She is a very good semstress when she wants to be and if she finishes a project. Son's will be camoflage, and Seth's will be lepord print (odd for a twenty year old), I'm not sure what she's doing for the girls. With the money she spent on fabric she could have bought them each an outfit so they would all have something to unwrap. But, hey that's just me. Glad she's making memories for her kids.


Martha said...

Sounds like a delicious feast. I get up early too, best part of the day. Gosh, people actually relax at Christmas, I need to try that and SOON!!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds like a pretty sweet day. :)

Kathy said...

That sounds wonderful. I'd love your recipe, too!