Saturday, December 20, 2008

check, check, check

I feel so accomplished this morning. Thursday night I did half of my grocery shopping in anticipation of snow and lack of hours in Friday. Friday morning I caught up on e-mail and blogs, started laundry and balanced the check book and paid bills. Then I had a fun breakfast day with a friend. We stopped by the music store and bought some rattles. I'm so excited. While I was gone hubby took the kids to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. He was going to run out for donuts and I suggested he turn it into a daddy date. He said I always amp up his ideas. The kids loved it.
On the way home I stopped and got a new cell phone for oldest and stopped by the town hall to be sworn in as Justice of the Peace (needs redoing every couple of years). I called to say I was on my way and bio was already here. I made her wait until I got home so I could give oldest her phone. She was picking them up before the snow hit. As much as I dread the kids having to spend extra time with her - it was the safe thing to do. The woman can barely drive in the sunshine.
I dropped the phone and headed out to finish grocery shopping. It was noon and the snow hadn't started yet. It was in full swing as I emerged from the store two hours later. I unpacked the groceries and then took a nap. After supper I started my holiday baking. So far I have:
Chocolate fudge
Peanutbutter fudge
Cowboy cookies
Chocolate Chip cookies

I still have to make:
Peanutbutter cookies
magic cookie bars
banana bread

I'd make fancier cookies but I've found few appreciate them. And, I give most of the cookies and fudge away so I'm making favorites of the recepients. The banana bread is for someone at the fire house. When he tried my banana oatmeal cookies he got all mushy about his grandma's banana bread. He told me how he used to hide the bananas so the would turn and she would make him bread. Baking for others kindles my holiday Spirit. And, I'll even send a plate to bio's Christmas Eve 'tis the season to be charitable.


Kathy said...

Since I have a year's worth of mushed bananas in the freezer, I need to get on the banana bread. I admire the way you get everything together with such style. I enjoy visiting with you, and thank you for your comments and inspiration!

annie kelleher said...

im making banana bread too! mine is a recipe a friend from college gave me... we lost touch but i think of her whenever i make her recipe... which is a lot... come to think of it ! :)) what great weather for baking!!!!

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