Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tagged, "When you put a teabag in a cup and hot water, you're making an infusion."

My Friend Annie at writers, witches and words oh my tagged me.

here's the Rules:

* Grab the book closest to you. Now. * Go to page 56.* Find the 5th sentence.* Write that sentence as your title.* Copy these instructions.* Tag 5 other friends to play.* Don't go looking for your favorite book, or the coolest one you have - just grab the closest one.unfortunately, my closest book (roanoke by lee miller) only has a list of names on page 56. the fifth one down is "joan warren." im not sure this constitutes a sentence, but going off in search of the next closest book seems like a violation of the Rules. so "joan warren" it is - and here's who i tag:

I'm on my computer which means I'm in my office which contains my herbal reference books not the books I'm currently reading which are next to my bed. I'm in the middle of the following books Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama, Heretic's Daughter and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyers. The book nearest to me is Healing Teas by Marie Nadine Antol and page 56 is an illustration of decoction procedures. So, my sentence is from page 57.

Now since I'm new to this blog site and am not sure who reads here other than a few people Annie already tagged I'm picking the first five people who read this post. Please leave me a link to your site in your comment and I will post that at a later date. Thanks for playing and reading my blog.

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