Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Christmas Carol

Friday night started Christmas in Riverton. The little theatre group in town performs A Christmas Carol. I have wanted to take the girls for years but it always falls on bio's week end. The girls said to buy tickets this year and I could drop them at bio's afterwards. So, Friday night the girls stayed for dinner with us then we headed to Riverton. It is so charming the way they have the streets and shops decorated. We visited the glass blowing studio and visited by the bon fire with friends before heading to the play. The ghost of John Marley scared the dickens out of youngest. They did a great job with the play. The girls really liked it.
Saturday was my company Christmas party at the Aqua Turf. The food was plentiful and really good. I ate way too much and didn't even touch dessert.
This morning my parents came with me for a trip North to my in-laws. We then all headed further North to Ozzie's. They have homemade corn beef hash and we had a lovely breakfast. We then headed back to the in-love's for a visit. Hubby decided to go to rope rescue traing instead. They only train once a month and they want to see what they can do before the snow flys. I came home around noon, had a small lunch and napped the afternoon away. Hubby went out for a couple of chef salads for dinner.
Overall it was a pretty good week end.


annie kelleher said...

oh that sounds like a lovely day! thanks for your vote on the title... the story is practically writing itself!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Umm ... sweetie ... it's Jacob ... Jacob Marley ... not John. :D

Sounds like a sweet weekend!

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