Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mmm quiet still

It is Sunday morning and I'm sipping ginger tulsi tea and reading my favorite blogs. Son is the only one awake and he is quiet. I love these early morning hours alone.
Friday I awoke to the kids having no school. Hubby was out on patrol and it was windy (very) and rainy at our house. I called hubby - he said trees were down all over in the higher elevations - higher than us. I had a clear shot to the valley and to work. Yeah! With the kids still sleeping I could head to work early which means I can leave work early. YEAH!!! We had power which is really nice - otherwise no showers or flushing toilets.
The full moon Friday night was beautiful. Hubby was home. Youngest woke me up with a nightmare - she didn't try crawling in because of hubby. I lead her outside to the big moon looking down on her. I tucked her in and the moonlight was peaking around her blinds. That soothed her and she drifted off and slept the rest of the night.
We all slept in. I made french toast with the challah mother-in-love gave us.
The explorer's Christmas party started at the bowling alley. Half the kids could not bowl (including oldest)and we put the bumpers up for them. After three games we headed to Fuji's habacchi for dinner. The show and the food was great. The other advisor and I split some sushi. Hubby rented movies for the other two kids and got pizza. He's there hero.
Today youngest must finish her book project and make us dinner. Oldest wants to have boyfriend over because he is leaving for a few weeks to go back "home" to Phillie. I'd like to take the kids to a seasonal concert this afternoon. Oldest had a soar throat yesterday so we'll see how the day plays out. Everyone cleaned yesterday so that is out of the way.
And we have hubby home for the day with us.


annie kelleher said...

i love quiet mornings. i cant wait to have one sooner or later :).

Martha said...

Mornings are my favorite time of day before the hustle and bustle takes over. Challah French Toast - YUMMERS! Mother in love, how sweet.

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