Monday, December 1, 2008


Presents are all wrapped. Those going outside the house are under the tree. Those inside are hidden for Santa to deliver Christmas Eve. Though none of the kids completely believe in Santa - the jolly fat man in the red suit - they believe in the spirit. The tree went up yesterday while the kids were home. Youngest decided to help. And I didn't wince or readjust ornaments at all. OK, not until this morning and all I did was turn them facing outward. Big break through for me.
Three loads of wash while wrapping and talking on the phone. I feel so much better when something is accomplished.
I felt even better after my massage this afternoon courtesy of my husband's birthday gift to me way back when. He even paid the tip so all I had to do was show up. Ahhh!!!
Youngest started her tutoring today after school. She goes three days a week until the end of February. Bio had visitation today. I got home from my massage at 3:30 to no kids. I assumed she scooped the older kids on their way home from late bus and left. Nope! She didn't know where any of the kids were. She did pick the older ones up eventually and then brought them back to the house to drop their stuff and find out where youngest was. Mind you, I gave her the letter two weeks ago about the tutoring with the dates and times on it. Son asked what time tutoring was over. I asked if he was writing a book. I said all I wanted to know is if I was picking his sister up or his mom. You of course, Kim. OK By the time the kids did what they needed to do she pulled out of the driveway at 3:50. And drove by the school 5 minutes away. Tutoring went to 4:15. She couldn't wait (I'm sure she had no idea what time it went to).
I am elated that youngest spends one less day with bio. I'm still in amazement that a mother would choose not to see her daughter. Youngest was a little out of sorts that it was me and not bio again. Of course she followed me around the house the rest of the night. We cuddled up on the couch eating chesese and crackers and watching TV.
This Friday both girls will be staying with me to see a Christmas Carol rather than go straight to bio's after school. Even oldest wanted me to get the tickets. Wow!
As I tucked youngest into bed she said she wished bio could buy a house. I said I wished she could manage her money and pay her rent. Yeah, youngest said, that would be nice.
Did I ention the check she gave hubby for youngest's school activities the bank wouldn't cash. He asked tonight when it would cash. She claims it should be OK now. We'll try again tomorrow.

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annie kelleher said...

i think youngest knows who her real mom is! ;)

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