Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Never bored at my house

Washed the glass on all the pictures today. I've really had time to clean the obscure things this week and it feels good.
A friend came to lern how to make soap this morning. I now have a batch of almond and a batch of bay rum soap setting up.
I called and talked to my parents. My Dad and I discussed among other things how he prepaid for his and Mom's funerals. I have to make one phone call when the time comes (may it be a long time coming) and that is it. My Dad is the King of organization and efficiency. I love the fact that we can talk about death, funerals and final arangements without any problems.
I shopped in my closet for a dress for each of the Christmas parties coming up. Hubby had to get them all down from the very talk dress rod in the closet. I donated a couple to the thrift shop pile and tried on a couple of contenders. I'll wear the black sleeveless sheeth with the embroidery on the front to my work party. As hubby said they haven't seen it. I will wear the cute red number to the fire department prom, uh I mean Christmas party. It still has the tag on it. I bought it a year ago on clearance waiting for an occasion.
Hubby once again tried to cash bio's check. Once again the bank said no.
I confirmed my plans for tomorrow. A date with a girlfrind to go to Yankee Candle. I have nothing I need or have to buy so I can really enjoy the looking and the company. That reminds me to pull her book out that I borrowed and read.
Oldest had meatloaf parmesan at the resturant the other night - ever since I've been craving meatloaf. I love meatloaf. So, tonight you guessed it - meatloaf.

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annie kelleher said...

what a nice productive day you had!!!

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