Thursday, December 11, 2008


Annie was kind enough to give me the MARIE ANTOINETTE AWARD!!! and no, it's not for people who are good at chopping off heads. This award is for bloggers that blog about real life. And no one does it better than Annie.

Now the first part of this award is that i ask my readers to leave me a comment, and ask me ANYTHING. so leave me a question and i promise to answer. (no questions from anonymous, though!!! you want to ask a ballsy question, have the balls to leave your name.)

the second part of this award is that i nominate the following 3 bloggers who must pass it on to 3 or more bloggers. Or not, depending on your aversion to blog awards. but these are bloggers on whom I can always count on to give me a wonderful peek into their REAL selves.

Mrs. B



Martha said...

Congratulations on the Award, now Let's eat some cake!
Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog, I appreciate it. I've enjoyed reading about your family, I hope you have a great time at the Bowling Party!

Walk in the Woods said...

You're sweet. And that's all I got on this matter. :D