Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I figured out how to rotate the pictures. I'm so proud of myself. This is my study in yellow. I started with the striped page a few days ago with all my yellow paints. I've been having fun going through old magazines and clipping stuff that catches my eye. It is either words (and quotes) or nature. Very few people have made it into my pile for future art pages. And, at the same time the magazines are being used up and put in the recycle bin so I'm eliminating clutter as I have fun.

I watched a u-tube clip of SuziBlu this morning and she gave out two questions to ponder in your art journal and ultimately come up with a few key words for your goal. The questions were 1) pretend you are really old and looking back on your life - what are you most proud of? 2) If you have only six (healthy) months left to live what would you do? Find the themes in these two questions and live your life as such. I'm paraphrasing her questions and I will have to find her link to put here. After journaling and thinking I've come down to these six themes in particular order:
1) Health
5) Travel
6) Happiness

And that is what I will do in 2009 and beyond.


annie kelleher said...

that looks so... SUNNY... on this gray new england winter afternoon! makes me think spring! :)

Martha said...

That is beautiful, yellow is such a happy color and I love the flowers.

Kathy said...


Walk in the Woods said...

What a warm image for such a cold and icy day! Like annie, it inspires me to think spring!

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