Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It started with a 90 minute school delay because of the ice. I made Granny Annie's pot roast and stuck it in the oven before taking youngest to the bus. I added fennel, leeks, bay leaf and astragulus root too. It was really good and quick when I got home from Girl Scouts. Especially since my hair dresser was coming shortly there after.

In the morning I went shopping with a friend to see what bargains may be around. I think things were cheaper before Christmas. But, I had coupons - like that is a surprise. So, for 97 cents I got a sweater twin set, another sweater, a pair of jeans and a long sleeve T. The T is for oldest's sweet sixteen and the rest is for me. Youngest is now approaching a girls size 16 because of her long legs. Most kids stores go up to 14 and I'm not sure what the equivalent to a 16 is in juniors. I'll have to find out.

Any way, the day went well and other than hubby forgetting his cell phone and me waking up at 1:45AM to the sounds of police sirens (his ring tone for his police dispatcher buddy) life is good. Today is back to work.


annie kelleher said...

97 cents??? are you KIDDING? you ARE a goddess!!!!!! im so glad you enjoyed the pot roast - ive started adding parsnips cause ive discovered i really love them...i will have to try fennel and leeks!

Martha said...

The pot roast sounds delish and the shopping bargains, Divine. Wow, you are amazing. I think a girls size 16 is about a size 5 or 7, depends on the manufacturer of course.
Living in Southern California for so long, I forgot about ice and school delays. I don't miss it.

Martha said...

I just tagged you for a photo treasure hunt, please stop by my blog for details if you would like to play along. Thanks so much.

Kim said...

I love parsnips too - Iwould have thrown those in as well but I used them all in the ham and bean soup.

I was thinking a size 5 as well. At least I have a place to start when I bring her to try on clothes.

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