Monday, January 5, 2009

Gone to a Good Home (I hope)

Zanny is gone. Bio got a dog a while back and the kids named it Zanny. It is a cross between a chihuahua and who knows what. She is full of way to much energy to be cooped up in an apartment. I think bio got her because youngest kept asking for a dog and really had no reason to visit bio. Well, she explained to the kids that if and when she does move (because the eviction finally happened) that she can't take the dog. Why can't she ever tell the truth and say she can't afford the dog. It always has to be some one's fault - she never takes responsibility for her actions (or lack there of). So, Zanny went to a sister of a friend. Hopefully to a really good home this time where she has room to run and play.

The unregistered car is moved again. Since the apartment building was sold and the new owner insisted bio pay rent (go figure) she has not been allowed to park in the driveway. It's a six apartment house and the driveway fits two cars. He put all the trash and recycling cans in the drive. When the weather was good she took her chances and parked on the street. When the weather turned bad she moved to the commuter lot a short walk from the apartment. But, now that the police are starting to take notice she has moved it to Kmart's parking lot. This is a couple miles a way from the apartment. Oooh, just how I want to live. NOT!!! Dan brought the kids home.

I didn't work on my art journal yesterday even though the paint was dry. I paint - I'll have to take pictures - my kindergarten teacher would be proud. Any way, the latest creation is a work in yellow. I pulled out my yellows and painted stripes of yellow on the page from light to gold and orange. Now, I have a background for my collage. My collages are mostly cool quotes I've pulled out of magazines over time and just had stacked in a pile.

I did make soap with a friend. She gifted me with a jar of orange blossom lotion. I showed her my first attempt. Not bad. We compared notes and are going to get together at her house to make lotion. We discussed the International Herb Fest and our desire to attend. After checking with her hubby she has decided she is going and he is not. So, I have a roommate. Because when I told my Hubby (who definitely had no desire to go) said money was no problem and I could go. I think he just likes seeing how excited I get. He does get a gold star no matter what his motive. Plus he folded the laundry and hung my pictures for me.


annie kelleher said...

hey give him TWO gold stars for saying money is no object when it comes to something that makes you happy!!!! we should create a large board somewhere where we keep track of their behavior... that way you could go to your guy and say... "listen, hon, so and so and so and so got all gold stars this month... and you... well, not so many. we need to talk about how to improve that." what a great communication tool that could be!

Laura Rose said...

Absolutey two stars...and I'm in with the board!

Martha said...

That sounds wonderful for you to attend the herbfest. That would have a whole different meaning in California, ha, ha. The bio sounds like a bio hazard! Geez, some folks just never, ever Get a clue. I hope the dog is in a good home too, I'm a big animal lover.

Walk in the Woods said...

Stars? I thought they were pluses?