Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting a lot done

By 8 this morning I had made the kids lunches, walked two miles, finished washing one load of laundry and started a second, vacuumed the downstairs, mopped the bathroom and the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom (toilet, sink and tub), washed the dishes, dusted the hutch and all of the dishes on it, pulled the shelf down in the bathroom washed it and the knick knacks on it and made my breakfast. Whew! Now, I can sit back and enjoy my clean house. I still have to decide what I'm making Hubby and I for dinner. The kids will be at bio's tonight. Something really warm - maybe soup and grilled cheese. Hubby has to work tonight in this bitter cold. With the wind alarms were going off all night with doors being blown open.

Hubby made a bunch of phone calls to driving schools. They are really expensive. The local school called back today. He is a former federal agent and with his discount to law enforcement he is only $50.00 more than the school. And he has classes on the week end so oldest would not have to stop babysitting. She can start her class next week instead of waiting until February. I think she'll go from being mad at me to happy for at least a nanno second. She will get her license sooner and still keep her babysitting job which she will need to pay for insurance. Plus, she still needs a car. If I put enough people on the job we should be able to find one she can buy for cheap. And it will still be better than her mother's. Yeah, because it will be registered and the exhaust system will be working (without tin cans holding it together).


annie kelleher said...

do you have to go to driving school? i taught all my kids to drive... even libby who just turned 15... (and im just waking up from the nap that list of yours induced after i read it!!!!)

Martha said...

You are amazing, you get more done by 8 am than some folks do all day. You really think your teen will be happy for that long, a nanosecond? That long, Wow!

Laura Rose said...

I wish I had some of your energy!!!We did the driving school through school, but it was expensive.

Kim said...

You don't have to go to driving school but, you do earn a discount on your insurance.

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