Sunday, January 11, 2009

Art Journal and Cooking

Yesterday morning I headed to Michael's with youngest for some art supplies. Gesso, glues, mod podge and Golden's gel medium found its way into my cart. A few things to experiment with that I've never used before. I cleaned out a stack of forgotten magazines and started pulling out pictures and words that caught my eye. The rest went in the recycle bin. I pulled out some pretty folders that I bought ages ago for a few cents because someday I might need them. They are now labeled and holding my collage material in a ordered fashion. I started on a page devoted to health and had to make it a two page spread. I'm on layer two at the moment and it doesn't seem quite done. I'm not sure what else it is calling for yet.

Last night was son's turn to make supper. It was a chicken corn chowder that everyone enjoyed. Youngest and I ate the last of it for lunch today. I've been trying to eat a rainbow a day and have come a color short all week. Today, I will have a complete rainbow. For breakfast I made bacon, maple sausage, eggs and home fries. Lunch was chicken corn chowder. Tonight I've made a macaroni and cheese with cubed smoked pork mixed in. Instead of a crumb topping I topped it with chopped, toasted pecans. On the side I'm making my creamy Brussels sprouts (and carrots). And for dessert a blueberry cake is fresh out of the oven. So, red onions, orange carrots, yellow corn, green Brussels sprouts and blueberries.

Oldest's boyfriend is here for the afternoon. Nothing else to say there other than he could gain a hundred pounds and not have to buy new clothes.


annie kelleher said...

good for you!!! i was good all week and then took a dramatic slide into fast food heaven and the new kfc in town! oh well... a little sin is good for the soul ;).

Martha said...

Your comment about oldest BF made me chuckle, thank you. I am delighted with your project progress and will await to find out what it is calling to you.
Your menus are inspiring, yum, yum, yum. I drink my rainbow a day w/supergreens, makes it easier to make sure I get those important B vitamins.

Laura Rose said...

good job on the rainbow...i seem to fall hopelessly short.

Walk in the Woods said...

Oh how I love my gel mediums!!!

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