Thursday, January 22, 2009

police called or fitfull sleep

Welcome back dear readers and if you haven't read dawning of a new day below please read that first.
Later that cold winter's night... the kids went to bio for a visit. Hubby went to pick them up and get more details on the departure. Oldest pulled a big brother and said she was not coming home. The police were called. I was called to bring a copy of the divorce papers. Bio ranted about all the sins hubby had supposedly committed - nothing of which was true or pertained to the situation at hand. Damn 8 years later and she is still angry about the divorce - did I mention she is the one who left though hubby did file first. And what bio ranted about was all the things oldest had been parrotting to her dad. All the anger bio has against my DH she has poured into oldest. Hubby went outside the apartment and loaded the other kids into his truck (plus a friend of son's) and waited with the police. I arrived with the divorce papers and took the other kids home. They are pretty unfazed by the events at hand. After reading through the divorce papers the police collected oldest and sent her home with DH. The ride home was very quiet. She did ask hubby if they could talk alone today - without (the evil - my insertion) Kim.
I held a sobbing hubby in my arms and tried to sooth him and explain that it will be alright. He did ask if I had my girls doing their spirit work. I explained with one blog entry we had prayers from around the country on our side. Thank you, thank you, thank you dear readers.
Hubby had to go to work. I slept in fits when I finally dozed off. I called out of work today. I will go in tomorrow instead. Hubby is going to take oldest for dinner tonight so they can talk.
Oh, and LOL bio said she could have me arrested for signing papers as the kids mother. DH shut her up when he told her I did that under his direction. And she wrote hubby a letter saying that this was oldest's birthday wish and she was granting it for her. She wants the other kids for the entire summer and every Christmas break. Hubby was scare at first and then I reminded him that she would have to petition the courts.


Laura Rose said...

holy crap, kim...i'm sorry that all this is going on. i will certainly send love and energy.

annie kelleher said...

oh, kim, i am so so sorry you are going through this. you are such a wonderful mother and the idea that their own bio mother would put them through such misery and pain so unncessarily is just so so sad!!!! big hugs to you and hubby and many, many prayers and sympathetic energy for a speedy and peaceful resolution! xoxoxox annie

Martha said...

I am so sorry for this stress and heartache. Oy Vey! Sending love and peace your way and to your hubby and children too.

Lynette said...

divorce is hell
child custody is demons
i feel for you
i hate what it does to families
prayers yes prayers are all around you.

Walk in the Woods said...

Sweet Lady Goddess ... prayers, love and healing en route - to all involved.

Sweet blessings to you, my sweet friend.


Kathy said...

Kim, I echo the thoughts and feelings of the others here. I am sending as much love and peace as you and your family need.