Friday, January 16, 2009

no school

Son asked for egg salad for lunch today. The alarm went off and I groaned which is very unlike me. I just wanted to go back to sleep but, I needed to boil eggs to make his lunch on time mean mommy that I am. Eggs boiling - the temperature is reading -4.7 degrees. Yes, that is negative 4.7. Usually calls start at 5:20 if their is no school. Well, not today, today the HS waited until 5:30 to say there would be a 90 minute delay because they couldn't get the buses started. Then the elementary school calls at 6 (by now I'm back under the warm covers reading) to say there is a 90 minute delay but she will call back in 15 minutes if they close the school because the buses can't start. 15 minutes later the HS calls to say school is canceled. 30 minutes later the elementary school calls. I have now finished my book and would love a nap but the storm trooper aka my son is tap dancing above my head.

I trudged down to my office and did some work at home for a co-worker. I computerized his bank reconciliation when I was first hired and it has been my baby ever since. It only takes an hour and I do get paid so, I don't mind.

Monday oldest turns sweet (I use that term very loosely) sixteen. After asking for weeks what she wants for dinner and if she's given any thought to it she decides she wants to have friends over - she thinks. I ask again as I need to grocery shop to make whatever cake she wants. She has invited people to the house. I don't mind this fact but, was she going to tell me the house would be overrun with teenagers. She told them between 10 and 11 in the morning. There is no school because of Martin Luther King Day. And they're staying for supper. OK If people arrive at 10 and they are staying for supper - lunch must be in there as well? Just a thought. After all the hard decisions she has decided on spaghetti and meatballs and sausage for dinner. The cake is a brownie swirl cheese cake. She's been birthdaying her way through my cheesecake cook book.

So, if all of these people are coming to the house and you have today off and you will spend the week end with bio then... you can clean today. The kids have been dispensed to clean their rooms and their zone in the bathroom. Oldest has been given the chore of cleaning the play room as well if that is where they are all hanging out.


annie kelleher said...

so if i swung by for some of that cheesecake you might not even notice i was there :)!!!!!!!! stay warm and dry and snug!!! we HAD school today... can you believe it... though it was a whopping minus two degress warmer on this side of hte mountain!

Martha said...

You are Super Nice Step Mommy, that's for sure. What a delish menu. I wish I could send some of our 75 degree weather your way... Negative 4.7 degrees, how is that even possible?

Walk in the Woods said...

All things considered ... soak up some of that wild energetic teenage verve while they're there. Seriously!

And if you wouldn't mind ... and if you have an old jar ... open it up and leave it somewhere in the house that day for me, will you? Cap it and I'll snag it the next time our paths cross!

I dig teenage energy. I really do! *easy for me to say - I don't have any!*

Rick said...

Just want to say that I really like your Monet of the day. That's one of my favorite artisits.

Kim said...

I'll bottle all that juicy energy up and put it on etsy - but for you a free sample.

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