Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hectic Monday

Hubby sat on the truck committee for the new fire truck for what seemed like years. Last year they received a grant and the truck was finally ordered and is in production. He missed the trip to PA for the prebuild due to work. Friday he received a call they were going to check out the truck on Monday as it nears completion. I had to work. He sulked and moped and what have you. I finally said their are other options you could get someone to pick youngest up from the tutor after school and my girlfriend said I could drop her off any time and she would put her on the bus. He perked up. Can you call? No, you want to go - you make the arrangements. And he did.

So, mother and father-in0love came down and picked youngest up from school. The other kids went with bio. Bio can't be bothered to wait for youngest. And now that she's not driving and Dan the man is (her car still isn't registered) I don't think he wants to wait. I came home to freshly picked up take out pizza, ate and then went to pick up the kids from bio. I dropped oldest off at the fire house and hubby was home by the time I arrived home again. I went to bed early and he picked oldest up from the fire house.

Bio informed oldest that she does not have the money and will not have any money to pay towards drivers education. We've been calling around to see if the school really is the cheapest option. So far it seems to be. The other issue is it is Tuesday and Thursday's for an entire semester. The two days oldest babysits. So, as we discussed the options tonight I asked who was paying seeing bio is to irresponsible to pay anything for her children. At this point I don't really care if this might upset oldest. Contrary to what bio thinks we are not rich. We just work really hard and budget our money. Wow, what concepts. So, we have a few more driving schools to check out and it may be summer before she takes a class. Have to wait for your license - blame bio.

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Martha said...

It does sound hectic and like you have to put up with alot from bio and so do her offspring unfortunately.