Saturday, January 3, 2009


I said I would do it and I did. I made my first batch of lotion yesterday. When we took the kids shopping I had hubby stop at the health food store so I could stock up on supplies. I mixed the oils and the water separately and put them both in my basement office to cool and come to the same temperature. Later I whipped the oil and drizzled in the water mixture and - it worked. I'm so excited!

Bio has not registered her car. We told her the kids were not allowed in it until it was registered. While we were taking the kids out to lunch yesterday afternoon (to make sure they had one good meal before the week end) she called oldest to see if we were dropping the kids off to her. NO!!!! First, she should be calling hubby and not putting the kids in the middle. Second, it is not our responsibility to transport them. She is an adult (chronologically only) and should be responsible enough to make sure she can get her kids. That means at 2 in the afternoon she had not made arrangements yet to pick the kids up at 3:30. Dan to the rescue again. He is an older gentleman that lives across the street from her. He drove her over to pick up the kids. This should get old pretty quick, after all she has to bring them back as well. Of course all this meant we had to explain what registering a car means and why they are not allowed in her car.

This morning I went through holiday totes and made a pile of stuff to go. Then I packed up the ornaments, the tree and all the decorations. I vacuumed and moved the furniture back. Ah, it feels lighter already. I'm on my second load of laundry and walked 2 miles. Hubby is still sleeping. After being up for some 24 plus hours he usually sleeps late his first night home. Sammy's been fed and let out and I will have to start remembering to take her collar off at night. Today is grocery shopping day. And that is all I have to do today. Yeah!


Walk in the Woods said...

Yay - lotion! I'm gonna make a batch pretty soon myself. I love making it and find the alchemy of it dazzling ... just like soap making!

Enjoy the day!

annie kelleher said...

how cool is that!!! what kind of lotion did you make??

Laura Rose said...

I remember reading once from an animal communicator that the dog enjoys being collarless, too.