Friday, January 2, 2009

Poor Sammy

I was up way past my bedtime last night - energized by my two mile walk in the morning and laughing until I cried with friends at Pagan studies. I fell asleep reading Collage Journeys - inspiration for my art journal. I've been playing with different paints I have around the house. It's been fun.

This morning I was trying to sleep in - something I rarely do. First storm trooper son was marching above my head. His bedroom is above mine. Then instead of feeding the dog, Sammy, who was jumping to the ceiling trying to get his attention he went down to the play room to watch TV. Sammy tried again with youngest to no avail. Her tags clanging against each other and her jumping apparently means nothing. I'm almost always the first one up so I feed her and let her out. Knowing that sleeping in was out I got up and made the kids take care of Sammy. I then started breakfast - cheddar buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy. I found a new biscuit recipe and they come out flaky and buttery and oooh so yummy. Hubby walked in at this point and I nearly bit his head off over a simple question. I apologised as I was still annoyed with the kids and his timing was all off. So, at breakfast I asked if we should give the dog away or have her put to sleep (neither one is really an option)? That got the kids' attention. They are now scrubbing their bathroom while hubby takes a nap. Then we will take them shopping as their gift cards are burning a hole in their pockets. Well, mainly youngest's but after holiday shopping they all find fun.


annie kelleher said...

it WAS fun last night, wasnt it? what a GREAT way to start the new year off... laughing until i cried :)))))

Martha said...

Laughing until you cried sounds like fun, the yelling at the family about the dog, not so much.

Laura Rose said...

not totally on point, but i always take raven's collar off at night so i don't have to hear the clanging in the morning!! Hey, I got on!!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Halley has us remove her collar at night too ... so she can sneak all the more effectively to take here place on the couch.