Friday, January 30, 2009

going well

Things have been going really well the past few days.

Youngest is still having problems sleeping at night and crawls in with me.

Son made a few under the breath comments about hating court. He's never been there - he is opposed to the idea that they make laws.

Oldest has been laughing and smiling and sociable again. Last night she wanted to know - if the condom breaks and you get your period a few days later could you still be pregnant? Real case situation - her girlfriend. Possible yes but most likely not. And you? Hell no, I don't want to be pregnant at 16 - I want to go to college. I'll have to open that conversation up a little more. I'm not sure hubby could have handled a more in depth discussion at this point.

Work is finally over for the week. I head for an oil change and then a reiki session. And then off to grocery shopping. Tonight will be beef stroganof.
Hubby is taking oldest to DMV after school to get her learner's permit. She then has driver's ed Saturday and Sunday (which if she was with bio she wouldn't be able to do). Her boyfriend is coming for dinner Saturday.

Hubby took Saturday night off in case there are any problems with bio leaving on Sunday. We thought we might take all the kids to the movies in the afternoon to take their mind off of it (or ours).

Thank all of you for your prayers and well wishes. This is not over yet - just the lull before the next storm. I'll enjoy it while it is here.

And today they are home and they are safe!


Kathy said...

Enjoy the calm, and keep doing what you are doing, because it is working.

Laura Rose said...

sounds like a laws and all...

Martha said...

That's a good way to describe it, "lull before the storm". I hope it all works out and peace to you all.