Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ice bound

Now that I fixed last night's post - the one I didn't think posted - I can write about today. I woke to the sleet that was predicted and knew the kids would at least have a delay. I didn't want to make lunches if it school was closed so I went on line to check as it would be another 20 minutes before the automated call at 5:20. No school - I could go back to bed once I got the dog back in the house. The clip was frozen so I let her out without tying her up. After a tour of the neighborhood she came running to get out of the cold. I still crawled back in bed for an hour though I didn't really sleep.

33 minutes and two miles on the tread mill flew by this morning. Yesterday it seemed like five hours. I called work and said I would be in Friday instead of today. It's so nice only working three days - I can change them up at will. Besides no one does my job when I'm gone so I don't feel bad about sticking any one with my work. It will just be piled there when I get back. Laundry is started, plants watered, kitchened cleaned, blogs read, e-mail read. I'll be making lunch soon.

Youngest feels icky. She's got no energy and says her tummy bothers her. She has no appetite. But, she feels well enough to play with her Nintendo DS and watch TV. Hmmm. She's now doing her homework that was due today. I'm such a mean mommy.

Seth called. He says DMV won't give him a photo ID with his birth certificate because he was born in Korea (at the army hospital). He wants hubby's social security number and army paperwork so he can get a passport so he can get a photo ID. With him living with bio - I don't think so. I'm sure if he checked into it he could get an ID without hubby's social security number.

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Martha said...

You sound like the nicest mean mommy monster on the planet. I have weather amnesia, I forgot about coping w/ice and sleet, thank goodness.
We have military babies in our extended family, the parents file Report of Birth Abroad with the American embassy. The State Department should be able to provide Seth with a copy.

More info is available at: