Monday, January 26, 2009

All Shook Up

Oldest was in a better mood after drivers education. She talked a little bit on the way to the play -with prompting. The play was awesome. It was so much fun. The lead looked so much like my cousin's son I had to check twice what his real name was. She talked a little bit on the way home about the play.
Hardly anyone at the house has much of an appetite and I have a ton of leftovers. I froze the ham bone to make soup at a later date.
I was in bed early reading and then to sleep. Youngest didn't crawl in until about 3. I have to wake her up early so my girlfriend can put her on the bus and we can go to the lawyer. My husband joked that this could be our date. We'll do lunch and head to the next lawyer. We had already made an appointment in the afternoon because our wills are ready to be signed. I made notes of items to ask the lawyer about the kids and visitation.
They are all home and they are safe today!


annie kelleher said...

wow i made ham this weekend too!!! now beloved is cutting it up for split pea soup and corn chowder. hope all goes well with the lawyer - oh yeah, wear something sexy ;)....

Lynette said...

I am sorry your going through this. I understand. Even though I am only the babysitter I have been on the ups and downs as my Twin Family are going through a divorce. It has come down to the dad even shooting himself and his family accusing the mom. Awful awful stuff. Court dates every two weeks right now. And I am a character witness so I have to be there each time. The worst is the poor kids are being dragged back and forth from family to family to cps to here to daycare. They do not know which way is up.
I pray for you and all that is happening at this time.

Kathy said...

I'll be thinking about you today. Peace.

Martha said...

I'm glad everyone is home safe. Best Wishes with the lawyer, thinking of you all. The play sounds delightful.

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