Wednesday, January 21, 2009

dawning of a new day

Everyone survived the plan crash into the Hudson. Obama took the oath of office (and I was able to see it on TV along with the speach. And bio is moving out West. She has convinced oldest that she can come with her now that she is sixteen. Oldest is all packed. Her grandmother bought her a ticket. One tiny problem - if she goes bio an amber alert will go out and bio will be arrested on the way to the airport or as she gets off the plane.
Hubby spent the afternoon with a tearful oldest who told him how much she hates it here and how much she hates me. She also parroted back quite a bit of bio speak. I don't take it personally. Bio has been mind fucking her for years and prepping her for her 16th birthday escape. I will notify the schools so they can be on the look out for problems and maybe talk with the school psychologist. Once bio has departed and the head games come to an end I think things will settle down.
The big day is February 1. She is taking my oldest son - the one who lives with her. That is for the best.
So, my dear readers I ask for prayers and healing energies that things go smoothly through the 1st and we don't have to issue an amber alert. I also ask for good energy for the kids. As much as I and the sane world knows how toxic bio is, it is still their mother and this will be hard on them.
Thank You!!!!


annie kelleher said...

omg kim... what a turn of events!!! not business as usual in more places than washington, i guess!!! you certainly have all the prayers, happy thoughts, hugs, and good juju i can muster! :)

Martha said...

Sending my best in this screwed up situation and that things calm down soon.

Kathy said...

Prayers for you, your husband, and your children.. and for the poor pathetic woman who birthed them.

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