Friday, January 9, 2009

work and recipes for Rose

The sit down at work went well. I don't have to take on the nightmare client and the few things I do for that client have been delegated elsewhere. I gave up my frustrating client and took on one of my boss' clients. We are also taking on a new client and I will get that as well. I should be plenty busy setting up the new client and learning the ropes on mu boss' client. I like being busy.

The pork loin came out really yummy. I love the crock pot. I can make supper in the morning. It lets hubby sleep a little longer and not have to worry about dinner. I never make the same "recipe" twice. OK, I have no recipe. This time I put the pork in, threw in some onion, carrot and celery, an astragalus root, sprinkled the pork with a cinnamon chipolte rub, poured in some chicken stock and put sliced cabbage on top. It cooks from 6 until 4 when I have the kids turn it off. We leave the lid on and eat when I get home at 6. I just make gravy from the wonderful stock. Basically, I clean out my vegetable bin of my fridge. Sometimes I use jam or applesauce instead of the spices. It works really well with pork and the gravy comes out a little sweet. It was so good youngest didn't even know she was eating cabbage.


annie kelleher said...

oh the old trick 'em so they don't know what they're eating is good for them, eh? better than bribery!!! :)

Martha said...

I'm glad the work meeting went well. The recipe sounds wonderful, I need to get more creative with my crock pot. I have a great chicken tortilla soup that I also use to clean out the fridge.

Lynette said...

I have to first thank you for your prayers for the situation on my blog!

Your art journel study of yellow I loved. Makes me feel like the best of a warm day.

I am glad that work is being re-worked to everyones advantage.

and the pork in the crock sounded yummy. i did nessa's tamale soup today and it was to die for and too easy! (recipe on my blog)

Lynette said...

oh and also
i am the step-monster!

i told my step kids from the beginning to just call me that and then they would be able to vent and never get in trouble for it!

Laura Rose said...

blessed astragalus...our secret immune booster as we learned from Rose!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds simple and scrumptious! Yeah, we cook a lot alike ... I just have to play a bit more with the ol' crock pot.

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