Monday, January 19, 2009

Books and Movies

I finished Eat Pray Love this past week. It was a fun fluffy read. I'm sure that is not what it was meant to be. I enjoyed the first section Eat the best. I love food and cooking and reading about food. I kept thinking it must be nice to loose all of your money and get enough of an advance to take a year off from life and do whatever you want. OK, that is the accountant in me trying to do the math while I read.

Hubby and I went to see Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood yesterday. I enjoy Eastwood movies though that surprised Hubby. But really, how many times can you watch The Good, The Bad and The Ugly? Hubby and the kids can watch movies over and over and over and..... I've never understood that. Anyway, the movie was really good and I admit I did shed a tear towards the end.

Kids are home now. Nightmares started again. Youngest came home in sweat pants that looked more like knickers and no socks. We had a high temperature of 24 yesterday. When asked where her clothes were she said bio packed them so she could move. This has been going on since October. Now, call me crazy but if I was packing my kids clothes I would go through and get rid of items that no longer fit. But, then again I know what size clothes my kids where. And for the full visual she had on a camouflage turtle neck that used to be her brothers and bright blue sweats. They did not have cake for oldest's birthday because that would cost too much money. They did say happy birthday. Youngest also had a tummy ache - hmm could be the boxed fried spicy chicken for breakfast, the soda and frozen pizza? Hey, she was at least fed this time.

So, today is the big birthday. I need to make the meatballs and the cake.


annie kelleher said...

yeah im thinking gran torino looks good... sounds like a typical nightmare at bio's... now that sounds like a movie!!! hope you have a happy birthday dinner!!! and check out my superawesome giveaway...!!! :)))

Laura Rose said...

wow, that's scary :(

Martha said...

Bio is pretty darn dysfunctional, those poor kids. Thanks for the review of the movie and book.

Kathy said...

Good grief.

Catching up... I hope you are well and warm.