Monday, February 9, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

It was off to court this morning. Bio arrived. After court roll call hubby, the lawyer and bio had to meet with social services. I was not allowed to go. Hubby kept his mouth shut and let bio look like an ass. She has no lawyer. She thought she could take care of all custody issues today. Social services had to stop her and explain repeatedly that all today is about is the restraining order. She flys out to Arizona tomorrow. The restraining order remains in place. She will get a visit tonight to say good bye, she may call and write to the kids.

She started spouting off that she had copies of oldest's diary and she says bad things about hubby. Oh, please. Do you want to see copies of my diary from that age where I complained about my parents? Give me a break. Within a 15 minute time span she managed to make social services think she was a quack and our lawyer realize just what a wacko she is. To change visitation at all she will need to file a motion in CT.

Kids should be in rare form tonight after several hours of hubby bashing. But then she'll be gone tomorrow. Oh, and tomorrow is her birthday. Happy birthday to the rest of us - she's going.

And today, the kids are home and they are safe!


Martha said...

Good freaking riddance! Sorry for the emotional fallout with the kids. I'm glad they are safe and you and hubby are still sane.

annie kelleher said...

sounds like you got a great birthday present!!! from her!!!!!!! is she really going to arizona? the state that elected john mccain? (snicker)

Laura Rose said...

peace at last.

Darcy said...

It's all downhill from here! It's best she's not around them. I can't believe that they turned around so quickly without her. Now that she's gone, it'll be a happier home with happier kids! I'm so glad for you that a majority of the drama flew away!