Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Broken TV's and love

The world as my son knows it nearly crashed yesterday. The big TV in the playroom would not turn on. How old is it? I don't know I answered - not old. I have never bought a TV. My father upgrades frequently and alternates giving the cast offs to me and my brother. Until hubby moved in I didn't have cable. Heck, I got two stations on a good day what more does a person need. I have to admit that now that we have cable I would missing the cooking shows but that is about it. Hubby came to the rescue and fixed the TV today - it was only a $2.99 fuse.

Bio has called twice since leaving and only talked to oldest. The conversations have not lasted more than 10 minutes. The two youngest don't even know she called. What kind of mother doesn't call her children? I can't even fathom how her mind works (or doesn't). And in the end the less contact the better the kids seem to be. Everyone is relaxing and opening up more. Dinner conversations are actually happening. Today's discussion revolved around boyfriend wanting to tattoo his penis. The other day he wanted to pierce his tongue. I got an idea how about getting a job, your license, a car, an education or clothes that fit? Hey, but that's just me. Son said the tattoo should be of oldest. I said if they broke up it would ruin his future sex life. I could see someone saying I don't want her in me. The kids thought that was hysterical. It skimmed over youngest's head. Any way I won't go into any more detail but it was quite frank. Son of course thinks he's nuts.

I'm on facebook - mainly because my daughter is on facebook and I want to look out for her. You can send people all kinds of appointments - hugs, drinks, angels, hearts, flowers etc. Yesterday oldest sent me love. That meant so much.


annie kelleher said...

when we first moved up here, there was a kid in katie's class at farmington high who had a dick ring. i asked her if she would bring him over so i could see it. she was horrified and said such a request was entirely inappropriate. i said i felt it was more like margaret mead and the fuji islanders. needless to say, katie stopped associating with the person.

Laura Rose said...

I remember a defendant where I used to work that had two...needless to say the pic circulated the building.

Martha said...

Boyfriend sounds very entertaining. Good for you for having frank discussions w/the kids.
Bio is a nutcase if ever I heard of one.

Walk in the Woods said...

Fuse? Now I'm curious, how old IS that set?