Saturday, February 28, 2009


Cookies were delivered. Classes signed up for. Half of the grocery shopping done. Hubby took me to lunch. Supper made and youngest grounded. She thought it was OK to not do all of her homework and lie about it to the teacher. She also skipped out on her time with the teacher to make up the work. She also lied to hubby telling him all of her homework was done. So, we told her no electronic anything until the homework was complete and she could do a few extra chores around the house.

Bio called after supper. Youngest's voice went to that of a four year old as she cooed mama I miss you, Kim is mean to me. She makes me empty the trash and it's to heavy for me. For the record, I had emptied the trash and put the bag on the deck. When I asked her to bring it to the shed (about 10 feet away) oldest had already done it. I had her empty the compost bucket instead. And if she keeps lying and not doing her homework I will continue to be mean. My job is to be her parent not her friend.

Today I have a birthday party to attend after I finish grocery shopping. It is a potluck. I love to cook but, I'm at a loss as to what to make. I'm not sure if we are eating right away so I'm not sure I want to bring a hot dish. I could put something in a crock pot but they'd have to have an outlet. I think I'm just going to make a tortellini salad.

Youngest is sleeping at a friend's birthday party tonight. Oldest is having a friend sleep over and hubby is taking son out to buy new boots. Tomorrow mother and father-in-love come to dinner.


annie kelleher said...

enjoy the weekend... i look forward to seeing you next thursday!

Martha said...

Sorry for the instant regression of your youngest. Bio is mean, the real parent is the one who gets their hands dirty.
Tortellini salad sounds wonderful. Best Wishes for a Great Weekend.

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