Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Day

Today I was supposed to go for my annual gyncological exam. The doctor called to reschedule. I had already taken the day off from work and decided to keep it that way. With all the stress and appointments the last few weeks I have done nothing around the house. So, this morning after making a pot of coffee - full octane - watch out I got to work. I only had one cup and managed to sit for a few sips before kicking into high gear. I removed everything from my kitchen counters and washed, sorted and eliminated before putting everything away. I started the self clean mode on the oven and remembered to put the fan on before the smoke detectors went off. I did three loads of laundry,filed paper work and dusted. And I got to use my valentine's present. On my Christmas wish list underneath a 1967 red corvette convertable (notice I said wish list) was a Dyson vacuume cleaner. Now, many women would be hurt or something to receive such an unromantic valentine gift but it is what I really wanted. And it's a pretty purple made especially for houses with pets. I've got butter softening on the counter for cookies and after I catch up on my blogs I will be doing the bills. The house is much cleaner, I feel accomplished and can enjoy the rest of the week end.

Bio finally called yesterday to talk to all of the kids. The phone went back and forth with my three at home and with bio and our oldest son in Arizona. All together it was about 30 minutes. The kids seemed OK afterwards. I read later that youngest had a meltdown at school because she misses bio. She was in a one on one with the teacher and not in the middle of her class mates which was good. The phone call might actually do her some good. Her missing bio doesn't concern me so much - this is the girl that writes about missing the dog that passed before she was born. Of course she probably knew the dog better than anyone.


Martha said...

Congratulations about the new vacuum and getting stuff done. I'm glad the kids have you there to help them through this tough time.

specialtybob said...

I found it. went home sick today.

annie kelleher said...

i'd love a dyson myself!!! so glad to hear the kids are getting through this... hope all is well in your neck of the woods :).

Laura Rose said...

I need to clean my house so badly I'm dreaming of it every night...but it's a busy week so no time just yet!