Monday, February 2, 2009

Gone, we hope

Yesterday was the day bio was supposed to fly away from here and land smack dab back in Arizona. She has not tried to call the kids at all. Hubby and I took them to the movies in the afternoon to distract them. Youngest and I saw Hotel for Dogs which was much better than I anticipated. Hubby took oldest and son to see Taken. I made an appetizer dinner in celebration of Superbowl. I was the only one really interested in watching it. The others took off to other parts of the house. All except youngest who stayed and watched the game until it was time for her to go to bed.
Youngest was down within an hour to crawl in. She is fine until bed time and then she can't sleep. Son and oldest are a little antsy. I can't blame them. At this point they do not know if bio is here or there. I just can't fathom how this women thinks or treats her kids.
This morning I talked to sons teacher/advisor in preparation for our upcoming PPT meeting and discussion on his entry to high school. We're both on the same page so that is good. PPT - pupil, parent teacher (I think) - any way it is a meeting you must attend twice a year if your child is in special education. And this one will be a big meeting as it is his triennial (they test them in depth every three years). We also discussed why he is failing gym. Gym is a required class. He hates gym - thinks all the games are "gay" so he doesn't bring his sneakers so he doesn't have to play. He gets an F for participation and the cycle continues. I played sports in school and I hated gym but, hello its required and a really easy fluff grade to boost your GPA. Ugh! Small ugh! Just pass the damn course.


Martha said...

Bio sounds like a major nut case, good riddance.
I love what you wrote re.son's gym - "Just pass the damn course." Perfect!!

Darcy said...

I think that things will calm down now that Bio is gone. The kids need stability and they are getting it from the two of you. As long as she stays away, I think the kids issues will slowly dissolve. I'll keep my fingers crossed!