Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Celebration

For Imbolc I was gifted a candle to burn a women's temple. We anointed our candles with rosemary for remembrance and with water from a well in Ireland. We were to fill them with two intentions - one personal and one global. As I started out envisioning my personal message it was really a global one - peace (on every level). But, I didn't burn the candle on Imbolc....

When I met hubby he had been going through his divorce for almost two years. Bio just would not sign the papers. She gave birth to four children to insure that she would have a house and money and never have to work again. The courts shattered her dreams. Finally a lawyer had to be appointed for the children and hubby, bio and the lawyers had to meet in Middletown (not a good thing). It was sign that day or go to trial. At the last minute bio finally signed. I had given hubby several rocks to hold in his pocket for some good energy. One was obsidian for protection from bio's bad juju. He held them between his clenched fingers.

I have used that stone numerous times since to protect myself from her. I would keep the stone in my bra close to my heart. Well, at one point the bra came off, the stone went flying and I have never found it. Occasionally I would borrow one from youngest.

The day we went to the lawyer to file for a restraining order I reached for my rose quartz instead. Love, I wanted to surround everything in love. The new moon was in aquarious and the judge not only agreed with us but went even further and put a stop to visitations.

The day we went to court I once again reached for the rose quartz. Full moon in leo this time. I have leo ascending and my astrology teacher said this was a good sign and indeed it was. She also looked at my chart and said I was very stable. I made her repeat that for witnesses.

Yesterday was valentine's day. We cleaned the house in the morning. I went grocery shopping. I had a little extra money in the budget as hubby's t day's were paid. I picked up fillet mignon for dinner (hubby requested beef). I made a hashbrown casserole, roasted asparagus and chocolate lava cakes for dessert. It was a romantic dinner for seven. Oldest's boyfriend was there and youngest had a friend sleep over. I bought everyone an organic, fair trade dark chocolate candy bar as a present. Dinner was great and then we watched Madagascar 2 that hubby had picked up this week. All seven of us watched the movie - even son who thought that wasn't cool. Though he did laugh a lot.

And to end where I began. Yesterday it finally felt right to burn my Imbolc candle. I started it in the afternoon and let it burn completely out - long past my bedtime. Hubby smiled and said that the day was more than a valentine's celebration - but a celebration that the kids will remain home and safe for a long time to come.

May all my dear readers have love in their life to celebrate today and every day. Blessed be!


Laura Rose said...

Beautiful, kim. a long time coming. Blessed be.

annie kelleher said...

aw, kim, what a lovely story! so glad you are all home and safe!! maybe a coyote will get bio in the desert... oops.. that's not very loving, is it? ;)

Walk in the Woods said...

When that obsidian went flying out of reach, that was a clear sign to release the wall of perceived protection and open to the *more true* "protection" of Love. I was delighted in reading that. Hold it, yes ... *and* plant it like a seed ...

Love to you!

Martha said...

Thank you for sharing, your family is so lucky to have you there to support and love them.