Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Really Gone

Mother-in-love says it's the stubborn German in her but she had to see bio leave. She once again sat at the airport. At least this time we knew when the flight was. She watched her go through the checkpoint and then waited to make sure she did not come back out. Thew relief is overwhelming. The deprogramming begins.

I'm really, really busy at work to the point I nearly had a melt down yesterday. Or maybe it was just the stress. I felt like I was on caffeine which we all know is NOT a good thing. My boss hired a new staff accountant to start March 1. The new person is supposed to take some of my bosses work so she can go back to managing the department again. My boss has also decided that with my new account and our taking on more duties with an old client that I might just have too much on my plate for three days worth of work. Well, yes! So, yesterday she decided that some of those duties would be the new girls and I could dump a whole pile of work back on my bosses desk. A pile - an entire file cabinet. Whew! Now, I can concentrate on my clients. I'm also working 4 days this week. That will make up for the two days I'm working next week. Oh, I should probably tell my boss that.


annie kelleher said...

aw, hang in there... i know this time of year accountant type people start to get busy... at least bio is safely in arizona!!!

Laura Rose said...

No more we can exhale!

Kathy said...

I feel your pain. I'm glad bio is out for now, and wish you luck. As far as work, I quit the day before yesterday. Yesterday, I admitted we might need a little more help. I need to put aside my greed (ok need) to make more money and realize I need to see my family as well.

Darcy said...

Whoo Hoo! Bio is gone, for certain! Looks like good things are being brought to you...or should I say bad things are being taken! Yay!!!! It should be back to normal in no time.