Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cleaning Frenzy

I don't know if it's spring or hormones that have me on a cleaning binge but it doesn't really matter. The closet in the spare bedroom is youngest's toy chest. She has magically reached that age where toys are no longer part of her world and small expensive techno gadgets are. The stuff was spilling everywhere and that drives me nuts. I like things in their place even if they are covered in a layer of dust.
So, Sunday afternoon youngest and I emptied the closet and sorted by recyclable, trash and give a way. It went from a bulging closet full of stuff to two small shelves with art supplies. We then went to her room and sorted clothes, moved furniture dusted and vacuumed everything. Monday morning hubby loaded the truck to capacity and went to the dump.
I asked the older kids who was next. They laughed. They think I'm joking. I suggested they set a timer and spend 15 minutes a day and they could be done by the week end. Or, they could wait for me. Youngest and I spent almost three hours and nothing went untouched.
Monday I vacuumed the play room and office. I dusted and did laundry. I pulled out all the magazines by my bed and started sorting.
I've been sleeping better and have energy. Watch out kids, hubby, world. You thought giving me caffeine was bed - try a good nights sleep a few days in a row. Youngest has been downstairs only once in the past week and I was able to tuck her back in. The stress level has gone down dramatically. Once bio left everyone thought I would be instantly stress free. I had to wait and see how the kids were. They are adjusting beautifully. And you know when you eat way too much garlic (like that is possible) and it seeps out of your pores? For the last two weeks I've felt the stress seep out of every pore. I wiped it a way, washed it a way, smudged and lit candles. I also scheduled a new appointment at the spa. Ah, life is good!!!!


annie kelleher said...

aw, kim, thats wonderful. i'd say the cleaning frenzy is about bio leaving.. you're getting rid of any essence of bio that might be clinging to your house!!! good for you!!!! enjoy hte spa... you deseve it ...oxox.... annie

Walk in the Woods said...

Caffeine, a "bed" thing? A typo, I'm guessing - but a great one! One that inspired wicked chuckles!

And yeah ... I *DO* know the garlic/pores thing ... I'm glad the stress is releasing - you deserve it! Peace.

Laura Rose said...

I've had the same cleaning bug!!!

Martha said...

You are just incredible. I'm so glad the stress is subsiding for all of you. I loved how you compared stress to garlic, perfect!!

Kathy said...

I am very very happy for y'all.