Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lazy Day

Hubby and I started the day at son's PPT meeting. It was his triennial testing year and they wanted to discuss his classes for next year. He will be in high school already. His testing was good he's average all the way down the list and even though his vocabulary is a grade below his comprehension is at grade level (this is not usually the case). Son hates, HATES, gym class. I asked about an alternative gym - a weight lifting program maybe instead of games. They have a student in a wheel chair that does that and he usually has a senior with him to spot. They thought son would be a great addition to the group and he could take over when the senior graduated. All of son's teachers recommended he go into general classes next year instead of special ed. After a long discussion we decided to do that with everything except English. Freshman English is a lot of writing and not son's strong point plus the books are assigned. And even though I'd love to read the Odyssey and such not so son. In the English class he will be in they will work on his writing and he has a say in the book selection. I know his English teacher and this will be her third year working with son. She has also agreed to be his case manager. Everyone seems to feel that if all goes well freshman year he will test out of the program for sophomore year just like oldest. Yahoo.

After that I relaxed on the couch, talked to a friend on the phone, read and made supper.

Today oldest is trying again to pass her learner's permit. And then her friend is coming over. Oldest needs new pants so I'm taking all the girls shopping. Hubby is home this week end and he is going to take son target practicing. And Hubby finally put a call out to the police explorer's program that son wants to join. Youngest is making dinner. I forget the official kid friendly name but, in essence she is making chili. I'll probably make some cornbread to go with it. Boyfriend comes over tomorrow. So, that will be the continuation of laundry day. The laundry room is across from oldest's bedroom. The door must remain open if they are in there and between son and laundry it's not very private.


annie kelleher said...

what a great mom you are!!! you make me feel all warm and cozy not to mention hungry every time i read your posts :).

Laura Rose said...

here's to lazy days!!!

Martha said...

I am learning about teens from you, thanks so much.
I'm so glad to hear of your son's progress in school.

Kathy said...

It's great your son is having the same English teacher. That really helps. My middle child is "gifted learning disabled" and no one knew what to do with him. Fortunately, he was able to adapt and do fairly well, but as he tells me, "I will never really like reading or writing." It's strange to me, but he has so many other talents, I guess I can just let him be. :)