Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Day I Met my Hubby

August 24, 2002

The day would have been my sixth wedding anniversary to my wasband (was my husband for less than a year). It was safety day for the fire department. The fire department takes over the local camp ground, invites the public to attend and does numerous demonstrations. That day included a cold water rescue, extrication and life star landing. The tower truck was there letting fire personal climb the ladder to the bucket. I am afraid of heights, especially 100 foot ladders. I climbed anyway. I put someone ahead of me and someone behind and didn't mention my fears. I made it to the top heart pounding. I have pictures to prove it. One is looking back down the ladder to the tower operator - his head looks like a pin. This picture still hangs on my bathroom mirror to remind me to face my fears. I did not have to climb back down - they lowered the bucket.

That night everyone camped out except me. Ten minutes from home I was going to sleep in my own bed. Everyone one had dinner together and visited. This is when hubby arrived to visit a mutual friend of ours. I had met him a couple of times before when he was in uniform and thought he was a cocky SOB. LA said I should talk to him. Are you nuts? He has four kids! I went one way and he went another visiting people. I headed back to base camp to say good night. He was there looking damn hot in his jeans and cowboy hat. At 6'7" he is one hottie if I do say so myself. Then the cocky SOB started talking about his kids. Youngest was 4 at the time and he mentioned how her hair was so fine that he couldn't do anything with it. His mom had found some barrettes that actually stayed in her hair. He was so excited by this and I just melted. We ended up talking until 2 in the morning. I gave him a ride back to LA's house where he was spending the night.

The following week end LA had a picnic. Of course when I arrived the only other person she invited was hubby. LA's husband ate and left for work. About midnight LA went in and left us sitting by the bon fire. At one point I looked at my watch and said that if I went home and showered I could make it to work on time. And we've been together ever since.


Martha said...

This is so romantic, thank you for sharing. You two look really happy in your photo.

annie kelleher said...

aw, what a truly lovely story :)!

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Darcy said...

I never knew that. You guys should have had that story at your wedding!

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