Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She never left

She put our oldest son on the plane and she stayed behind.

The kids are settling in nicely to her being gone. It's amazing what one week of a steady routine can do. They're talking more and much more pleasant. Hope we are able to keep it that way.

I'm swamped at work. I'm going on a field trip with the fifth grade on Friday.

I bought a new scale. The old one worked most of the time. It's a digital reading and I think my 6' 7" husband confused it so I bought a new digital scale. I have them side by side. I'm 5 lbs. heavier on the new scale. Now, I don't want to throw out the old one. And how do I know which one is right? And does it really matter? My jeans zip and I feel good.


annie kelleher said...

no it doesn't matter!!! throw out the new scale!!! :)

Walk in the Woods said...

... don't want to throw it out ... oh that inspired such gleeful chuckles! Thanks for that!!!

And hey, based on that last comment, I say toss them both! :D

Martha said...

No, it doesn't matter what the scale says, but how good you feel. So true. Bio is something out of a bad soap opera.

Laura Rose said...

5 lbs lighter is definitely the right one!

tarabu said...

It's a good feeling when your clothes fit without having to shop for new ones (and it's even better when your skin fits you)

Although twenty lunges will clear out each of those butter cookies


Debby said...

I've been reading your blog. I am a wicked step mother too. The mother felt quite strongly that the rules of our house were not to apply to her kids. When her daughter got mad at her father and called him a faggot, she was told that her father was a good man, and she should never use that word in our house. The mother threatened to beat me up. We tried to have a meeting but when I said something, she said that I was not allowed to speak, that my job was to listen to how it was going to be. She complained that my children got preferential treatment one day, and complained that I was trying to be her kids mother the next. No matter what I was always wrong. 11 years later, I have cancer. My stepdaughter is concerned, and asks how I'm doing. My stepson has never asked. I've made my peace with it, but it makes me feel badly for my husband.