Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home and Safe

I don't blog a lot on work days. And then there is nothing much to blog about - which is a good thing. Monday is court and I have a really good feeling deep in my gut. Monday is also the full moon.

Without seeing bio the kids have been more talkative, more pleasant, more like kids. It is a joy to watch them blossom in such a short period of time.

Oldest is off at driver's ed. I will pick her up and then go pick up boyfriend. He will spend the evening and hubby will take him home in the cruiser on his way to work. Son has been asking to do a ride along for ages. Hubby finally asked his Sargent and he said it would be OK. So, son will be hubby tonight on patrol.

Son is also making dinner tonight. I put it on the calender and he looked up the recipe all on his own. We are having shrimp chowder (in a tomato based broth). I'm making a banana cake for dessert. Son lives by the calender and the rules. He thrives on routine. He will do well in the military. That would not be my choice of careers but it's his dream.

Youngest is bumming - none of her friends can come over. Her ears are healing nicely. Forgive me if I've already blogged about this. Bio had given youngest earrings (really ugly ones at that). I didn't say anything because I didn't want to knock her mom (well, not to her face). Youngest is not a girly girl and does not change her earrings or really take care of them. She should never of had her ears pierced but, bio did that to both girls as infants. Anyway, youngest came down after being put to bed about two weeks ago and said her ears hurt. I thought ear infection. She said no, where the earrings are. I looked at her ears. These were not child backings like I use with youngest but regular backings. The backings were pushed on so tight that the backings were inside the hole. Needless to say the hole is much smaller than the backing. I had to put tweezers in the hole and pull the backings off. I kept apologising to keep from crying. Youngest handled it really well. Afterwards I cleaned up the blood and all. She has no urge to put earrings back in and I wouldn't let her until they are completely healed any way. If she does want new earrings they will be good quality child earrings.

And today, everyone is home and safe!


annie kelleher said...

ouchie on those earring backs!! libby used to come home once in a while with infected ears from ex's house... some people just dont think... thanks for the good wishes... and i hope it all goes well on monday... xox... annie

Lynette said...

I know that court will go well tomorrow. Amazing that once bio is gone that out of sight out of mind happens so fast. I think I wanna come over for dinner. Sounds good and bananas are my fav for dessert. Also poor babies ears. Ouch. Get some sterling silver ones at Claires or the such and she will do well. Also if she is allergic (my CG is) to the metal of post then they have a rubber sleeve that goes over the post and a rubber back. Idea since they earrings are from bio and may mean something to your dghtr. You going to enter my 50 toy give away? AND BTW the maternity top was under $20.00 too.

Martha said...

Glad everyone is home safe! Dinner sounds yummy.

Darcy said...

Holy cow!! I feel so bad for you both!