Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going, Going Gone

When we were joking last week about boyfriend wanting to tatoo his penis - oldest didn't seem upset when I said they might not be together forever and he shouldn't tatoo her picture there (son's idea).
Yesterday he announced he was moving back to Phillie and that they should just remain friends. She acted fine. Hubby was a little confused - oldest was not upset. Son had been in a foul mood for two days now but, that is another story. On the way to our meeting oldest confided that she was OK because she had been thinking about dumping him. I care about him but, I don't really love him anymore. That's OK.
It went quicker than we thought without bio forcing the two upon each other. He's a nice kid but he has no direction or ambition. He said he's going to help his mother. Funny just Saturday his uncle told him to get a job or get out.

Did I mention that not only did oldest send me love, Saturday she made a point to save me a sip from her mocha frapaccino that hubby bought her on the way to DMV? And that the ring bio gave her has come off - it was turning black and so was her finger. Now all she wears is her cladagh ring (similar to the one I wear). And she hates me. LOL


annie kelleher said...

i always figured if my teens didn't hate me i wasn't doing my job ;). keep up the good work!

Darcy said...

She doesn't hate you. She resents you. LOL! But seriously...she probably hates that her mother is a piece of doody and that you are more of a mother to her. Divorce is rough on kids...especially when parents use the kids as weapons. I'm 41 and I'm STILL going through it with my parents! As she gets older and Bio is no longer around, she'll start showing you more affections...heck...she already has. Just think, you could have my wicked step daughter. She's only nice when she wants something from me, otherwise it's eye daggers, disrespect and backstabbing. {Big sigh} Whatcha gonna do.....except pray they move away! LOL!

Laura Rose said...

I've always been impressed by your confidence and your ability not to take things personally!!

Debby said...

Teenage years are the worst, but it sounds as if there are some real positive signs there.