Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's new?

That question goes right along with what are you doing now?
How do you answer that? And does the person really want to know or care. They talked me into crashing my class reunion last night. It was interesting. I went with friends that I see fairly regularly and enjoy talking to so that was fun.

But, people who never talked to me in high school, people I haven't seen since are giving me hugs and telling me how great it is to see me. Really? Why? I find it rather surreal.

Then sitting back and watching the interactions - I felt like I do selling tickets at the beer garden. I'm watching all these strange drunk people. Only this time I know most of their names.

I did catch up with a few people that I have connected with via facebook and that was nice.

My ex husband actually came over and talked to me with out turning white or stuttering. Finally he's past that. About damn time.

And then I wonder if it's me. I see all of these people hugging, laughing, dancing and making small talk. They appear to be having a great time and so thrilled to capture something from this reunion or a little bit of their youth and I just feel disconnected from all of it. Or is it that even though I enjoyed high school I've moved on. I'm not unhappy with my life or my age and don't feel a need to relive or go back to that place in time.

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