Sunday, August 1, 2010

want a teenager?

I'm giving two away free. OK, maybe just one. Son seems to get it - a little any way. I need to know where you're going, when, how are you getting there and back (am I driving) and will you be home for supper. Pretty basic stuff. Since oldest has a boyfriend her glowing head has been up her arse.
There is a big difference in making food for three or six - would it be too much to ask if I knew how many for dinner?
Yesterday hubby and I laid it for oldest and son. A little common courtesy. And while we are at it - while you are under our roof your priorities will be school, work and then boyfriend. And frankly he is getting to be a little much. I can't live without you. I have to see you every waking moment, I canceled going on vacation with my parents to be with you.
Yuk, can I puke now.
I though maybe I was just getting old - son assures me that in this case I am right on target. Boyfriend really annoys him as well. And when my parents came to visit out of the blue my mom said I never acted like that (the glowing hang on every word boyfriend says).

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Kathy said...

Good luck with the teens. :)

The boyfriend/girlfriend joined at the hip thing kind of creeps me out. My oldest son had a "girlfriend" who left whiny needy messages on our voice mail, knowing I would be the one to get it. I told my son I thought he should be careful with her, that she was a little... unstable.